While it is fun to wax philosophical, appear pseudo-Freudian, and pretend that people actually read what I write, I like to be employed. While Womb Life Media is intended to double as a portfolio, I need to showcase written work that doesn’t fit the WLM aesthetic. Here lies that stuff; it may be a dry piece of communication, specific to a company or organization, or just flat out boring, but its mine. Thank you for reading.

Biography of Larain Briggs, Artist

Biography of Larain Briggs can be read here. It was a true pleasure interviewing Ms. Briggs, and uncovering the life that culminates in these spectacular works.

Warranty Letters

An example pulled from the library of letters I developed to address commonly recurring cases that pass through the Cascade Designs Repair Shop. This one discusses tent flies with hydrolyzed polyurethane coating that are too old to be replaced under the warranty.

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