What is Womb Life?

Womb Life Media is a small, first-trimester dream. It doesn’t have arms, legs, eyeballs, or a brain even, but it has a beating heart. 

As soon as you are born, and consciousness is baked into your tiny brain to create a mind, and that first thought–cogito ergo sum–verifies your very existence, you are a person that lives with death. Even if you don’t realize it in your infant state, every adult and adolescent, knows that they, and you, will surely die. As you get older, death is assumed. You begin to see your life as an unfolding story, a book being written on blank pages filling up before your mind. What do all stories have? An ending. Everything you undertake, each relationship you forge, dollar you earn and thought you have, happens in the context of known beginning and an imminent end. 

Impermanence drives us. It makes us vain, violent, wealthy, beautiful, famous, anxious, voracious, and depressed. We can hardly celebrate life for the sake of living because we are too busy cashing in on happy hour discounts before our hour surely ends. Womb Life Media strives to provide insight into this existential mind-fuck of a party we are all attending. In doing so we hope to spread the idea that it is not about how much your drinks cost and how many you can throw back, but rather what you are drinking, where you are drinking, and most of all, with whom you are drinking. 

The womb was the last place that we all lived without giving a solitary fuck; it is the only place of true contentedness because on the inside we had not yet learned that contentedness is just the absence of anxiety. If we must know things–which we surely do–then let us wield knowledge with womb-like abandon. Let us dive into politics, art, food, and fiction with the zeal of the ignorant and rigor of the learned. May the myriad of subject matter that tests our minds be played with and but never taken for granted.

Welcome to Womb Life Media.