Only Human – KH

Sometimes I am hot-to-trot picking up newly released music, sometimes not so much, and I missed a big damn boat here. For one KH is an alias of Keiran Hebden, who uses another alias of note, Four Tet. In the church of underground electronic music Kieran Hebden is a veritable saint, and for my friend who sent this number over and I, the man might as well take his position in the pantheon of Gods. Secondly, this song had a healthy amount of pre-release buzz about it. Hebden had evidently passed the track around to a bunch of his powerhouse DJ friends who spent last summer working crowds with it across Europe. As I don’t live in Europe, am broke, and not finding myself at an excess of festivals and DJ sets, I give myself a pass on this one.

KH appears to a be vehicle for Hebden to take tasty vocal samples and build club-thumpers around them. I fully support this project. Here you can hear a sped up Nelly Furtado lyric belayed by a tumbling bass line and the frantic downbeat claps and nervous percussion central to Hebden’s sound. He takes prime mid aughts R&B pop and bakes in into a playful number that will tickle you through kitchen bluetooth, and fuck you up with serotonin on a proper club system. Smiles all around.