Transmissions From My Dungeon

Its cool down in the dungeon. It’s cool to stand alone in the darkness for a couple of hours listening to music. It’s cool because the dungeon is insulated by the earth and not aging walls built in the ’20s or the ’30s. The ’20s and ’30s are important in the dungeon because of Edgard Varese. Here, hit this Wikipedia. In the dungeon we organize noise. In the dungeon we disorganize sound. In the dungeon we must stand closer together. In the dungeon we can’t see as well. In the dungeon we can’t feel as much space between us.

Dungeons have a great responsibility. They store our unwanted, house our rejected, condemn our convicted. They hide away that which is reprehensible and swallow it in darkness. Dungeons help us to forget what exists, and pull a curtain of illusion over what we know to be true. Dungeons have an impossible responsibility. We all have a dungeon. Know your dungeon. Dance in your dungeon.