Paulor from the Mayan Warrior – Burning Man 2018

Paulor has been one of my favorite discoveries from the past 6 months. Brought to me (and you) by way of You and Your Hippie Friends, the sister label of Paris based Hippie Dance. Hippie Dance was founded by perennial boppers Rebolledo and Superpitcher, who together form the effervescently named Pachanga Boys. It appears to be primarily an outlet for…

Discwoman 27 and Laurel Halo’s Sonic Manifesto

Around 35:30 her mix fades entirely out of a spazzy slash-and-burn-the-jungle bass track considering an identity makeover as a trap banger, and reintroduces itself with an IDM funk constellation that sounds like getaway music in an intergalactic bank heist film

Transmissions from the Dungeon Mix Series

Its cool down in the dungeon. Its cool to stand alone in the darkness for a couple of hours listening to music. Its cool because the dungeon is insulated by the earth and not aging walls built in the 20’s or the 30’s. The 20’s and 30’s are important in the dungeon because of Edgard Varese. Here, hit this Wikipedia.…


Is it Techno? Is it House? Sure, if it makes it easier to understand, go ahead and call it tech-house. But the darkened and percussive neurosis of the A-side, and bubbly sunshine-funk spritz on the B-side belie such crass classification.

Liberty and Water: The Dilemma of the American Southwest

Part 1: Life, Liberty, and Legislating Happiness “The lifeline of the southwest.” This is the professional consensus on what the Colorado River is as it pertains to human civilization in the American Southwest. There is an honest-to-god plea in those words to take that phrase literally. The river, which drains the Colorado River Basin, supplies water to 35 million people…

The State of Mind

“Naturally, your sentence will be death. However, the council unanimously agreed to allow you to select your method of justice.” The speaker paused long enough to let her words resonate within the defendant, there was a trace of tragedy in the tension of her face as she added, “We believe you have earned that privilege.”

“If the present men and women don’t mind, I would like a real death. Surprise me.”